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At Stewart, Melvin & Frost, LLP, we offer our clients an uncommon depth of focus and a tradition of exceeding expectations.

From our senior partners to our legal assistants, Stewart, Melvin & Frost is a firm of specialists. Each of our attorneys and staff members has significant experience and expertise in his or her specialty within the areas of business law, tax law and estate planning, mediation and arbitrationreal estate transactions, and litigation. We believe that specialization allows us to meet the complex needs of our clients at an unparalleled level.

Beyond specialization, at Stewart, Melvin & Frost we offer expertise not often found in a small-town law firm. Whether it is helping with commercial transactions or litigation, providing tax advice or estate planning, or handling the closing of a house, our clients receive superior counsel.

We also believe in taking an active role in the community we call home. With our attorneys and staff integrally involved in numerous community organizations, we have built strong community relationships that often prove to be valuable assets to many of our clients.

With a primary focus on the North Georgia region, our Gainesville-based firm is known for exceeding expectations through our unquestionable values of honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence. Truly, Stewart, Melvin & Frost brings an uncommon dedication to the legal community, our clients and our community.

  • Our 28 staff employees have been with SM&F an average of ten years.
  • The average practice length of our 15 partners is nearly 25 years.
  • Many clients have been with us for longer than five years; several have been our clients longer than 20 years.

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