How to Win Your Personal Injury Case

How to Win Your Personal Injury Case

When you are injured due to the negligent actions of another, it can be devastating. This is especially true when the injury requires a long recovery period or leads to permanent disability.

Should this happen, you are not without recourse. Personal injury lawsuits allow you to seek financial compensation from the person or company that caused the accident that injured you. However, if you want an outcome that protects you and your future, you need to work with our team of experienced and well-respected personal injury attorneys in Gainesville, GA.

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

Be Open and Honest With Your Lawyer

You should never withhold facts from your lawyer. It is natural to want to present only the facts that make you look good or that tilt the case in your favor. However, your lawyer will need to know everything you know to effectively represent you. No lawyer can protect you if you withhold information from him or her. That is why our Stewart, Melvin & Frost Trial Team of personal injury attorneys in Gainesville pride themselves on the personal relationships they build with each client. They understand the trust placed in them by their clients, and use that trust to zealously and effectively represent each client.

Be Cautious With Everyone Else

It is tempting to discuss your case with friends, family, and even coworkers. You have been hurt, you may be angry, and now you are facing a future of uncertainty. It is natural to want to talk to folks about it with folks you know and trust. However, this is not always how to win a personal injury case. Flippant things you say to others may come to haunt you down the road. It is best to practice restraint and not discuss your case with others until you have reached a settlement.

Additionally, it is tempting to post on social media about the horrific event in your life. Most often, social media posts by clients are driven by the clients’ good intentions or desire to keep friends and family informed about a serious event that has just occurred. However, when dealing with insurance companies and your social media accounts, intent rarely matters. Whether you are posting images of the wreck on Instagram, updating family about the wreck on Facebook, or tweeting live updates about your condition so loved ones stay informed, insurance companies will seize the opportunity to use your social media accounts against you. It is best to refrain from posting on social media.

To learn more about why to stay off social media, click here.

Be Wary Of Insurance Representatives

During this time, insurance representatives are likely to call you and record these calls. They will try to get you to agree to certain statements that protect them rather than you. Their primary goal is to make sure that they and their Insurance Company pay you less money—or no money, if possible. It is best to tell them you will not speak to them until you have spoken with your lawyer.

Keep a Paper Trail

Documentation is essential. Take photos and videos, print emails and official documents, and do not delete any text or voice messages you receive. All of these can become relevant pieces of evidence in your personal injury lawsuit.

Get Professional Representation

To get your personal injury lawsuit to trial, it can take anywhere from a year to multiple years, depending on the complexity of your case and a host of other factors. Most cases, however, typically settle out of court. To know how long the settlement would take in case of a car accident, you should read our blog on “How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Settle After a Car Accident?.”

Finally, the best step you can take in winning or settling a personal injury lawsuit is to work with an experienced lawyer with a successful track record. While you can technically file your own lawsuit and represent yourself, you should know when you need a lawyer.

At Stewart, Melvin & Frost, we offer assistance with wrongful death, personal injury and car accident law. If you are ready to file your case, schedule a free consultation with our Trial Team to better understand your options.

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