Know When You Need A Lawyer

Many people think of lawyers in adversarial roles, arguing one side or the other in a courtroom dispute. But there are times when a lawyer can play a more personal hand-holding role, simply helping someone get through a major crisis or a big decision in their life.

For those situations, it’s important to have trusted, local representation. Attorneys in Gainesville, GA, from Stewart, Melvin & Frost works to develop a unique attorney-client relationship with numerous benefits – such as the firm’s extensive regional connections and well-established reputation — that many people may not realize until faced with difficult legal circumstances.

Whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, wrongful death, going through a divorce, buying a house or probating a will, an attorney can help you sort through difficult issues and let you focus on the decision at hand.

Sometimes, people can’t think clearly enough in these stressful situations, and they need good objective, third-party advice and professional legal guidance.

Most lawyers are not like the slick characters that you see advertised on TV. They are compassionate, caring professionals who can play an important role in resolving challenging conflicts.

Talk to people you trust and get a recommendation for an attorney whom they may have worked with in the past. Next, interview the attorney before deciding to hire him or her. Find out if they are experienced in the area you need and whether you feel a good rapport together. When difficult decisions need to be made, an attorney can be a trusted advisor as well as a friend.

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