Why are Low Caseloads Good for a Personal Injury Attorney’s Clients?

Have you ever wondered what criteria lawyers have when selecting their cases?

Every personal injury attorney has to make choices about the type and number of cases he or she will accept. Some personal injury attorneys choose to keep their caseloads low. These attorneys make this decision to provide them the necessary time to fully work up each case. Simple truth is, there is no such thing as a “small case.” Each case requires a great deal of resources and time in order to serve the client fully and properly. When it comes to providing elite representation, time is the most precious commodity a personal injury attorney has. Deliberately maintaining a small caseload ensures the personal injury attorney has sufficient time to completely work up your case, maximizing its value in the process.

Here’s a real-life example.

How Low Caseloads Helped One Personal Injury Client

In the state of Georgia, Stewart, Melvin & Frost, one of the largest law firms in Northeast Georgia, worked with a client who was seriously injured in a UTV wreck. While the case ended in a $1 million settlement for the client, it originally was not clear whether the client would be able to recover anything. The client had suffered serious, permanent injuries, and it was clearly the fault of someone else. However, the negligent party had no way to pay for the damages caused, and the existence of available insurance coverage was largely unknown – and a hotly contested issue.

Before the client came to Stewart, Melvin & Frost, he had been turned away by other law firms. It was believed that his chances for recovery were slim due to the absence of insurance coverage, and so they declined to represent him.

Stewart, Melvin & Frost purposely maintains a low caseload because of situations like these. Consequently, the firm’s personal injury attorneys have the time needed to conduct a complete and thorough investigation into each case to maximize their value. After dedicating immense time and resources to the UTV wreck case, the firm’s Trial Team eventually were successful and won on the issue of insurance coverage. In doing so, Stewart, Melvin & Frost’s attorneys were able to obtain the $1 million result for their client. That is the clear benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney with a low and focused caseload.

If you remember one lesson from this story, it’s that when other lawyers decline your case, it does not necessarily mean you do not have a case. You should always seek a second or third opinion.

Do Low Caseloads Mean My Case Will Not Be Accepted?

Not necessarily.

Personal injury attorneys who maintain low caseloads do so to provide their clients with unparalleled representation. It not only allows the attorneys to completely work up every case, but it guarantees the attorney will always outwork the other side, will always be prepared at every stage of your case, and be accessible whenever the client reaches out.  When hiring a personal injury attorney who maintains a low caseload, you can be sure that you will receive the best service and attention that lawyers can offer. In the legal profession, there is no substitute for time. When you combine time with immense resources and a high level of experience, you get an unparalleled level of representation. It is what makes Stewart, Melvin & Frost’s personal injury attorneys so Uncommon.

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