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Why Having a Law Firm With Manageable Caseloads Benefit You

Stewart, Melvin & Frost’s Trial Team Secures $500,000 Settlement for Victim of Car Wreck

Gainesville, Ga. – The Trial Team at Stewart, Melvin & Frost has obtained a $500,000 settlement following a car wreck that occurred in Flowery Branch.

The Hall County case involved a horrible car accident caused by a negligent driver who ran a red light and struck the victim’s driver’s side at a high speed. The victim suffered injuries to her legs that required medical treatment.

Stewart, Melvin & Frost is a regional law firm in Gainesville, Georgia, with a Trial Team that specializes in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

“When we first met with the client and reviewed the wreck and police report, we wanted to learn why the defendant ran the red light,” said Trial Team attorney Andrew Gould. “There is always more to the story than simply ‘someone ran a red light.’ The answer is often critical to a client’s case. So, we moved swiftly to learn the why.”

In its investigation, the Stewart, Melvin & Frost Trial Team spoke with police, first responders and many eyewitnesses. In discussions with the eyewitnesses, Stewart, Melvin & Frost’s Trial Team discovered footage from a driver’s dash camera that captured the defendant driving recklessly well before the wreck.

“Discovering the dash camera footage changed everything,” Gould said. “It’s one thing to describe someone’s reckless driving, but it’s entirely different to see it.”

In the video, the eyewitness driver was in his vehicle and stopped next to an elementary school in Flowery Branch. A school traffic guard in the middle of the road was directing traffic into the school parking lot during early morning hours. Suddenly, the defendant can be seen using the right-turn lane to pass the line of stopped traffic and speed past the traffic guard. The defendant narrowly missed the school guard and oncoming traffic. Compounding the reckless conduct, the video revealed the defendant was driving on just three tires!

The Stewart, Melvin & Frost Trial Team discovered more eyewitnesses and learned the defendant had run multiple red lights before the wreck. In all, the investigation took the team months to complete. It required extreme diligence, tracking down each new lead with unwavering determination.

“Often, people are not eager to speak with lawyers – and understandably so,” Gould said. “Therefore, an investigation like this requires patience, understanding and persistence. Sometimes that persistence leads to a dead end. But in this case, it led us to critical evidence that substantially enhanced the value of our client’s claim.”

By maintaining a select and manageable caseload, the Stewart, Melvin & Frost Trial Team can take the necessary time to investigate each client’s case to a degree rarely matched by other law firms.

As a result of its extensive investigation in this case, the Stewart, Melvin & Frost Trial Team secured an “uncommon” result for its client without having to file a lawsuit.

Stewart, Melvin & Frost has been serving Gainesville, Georgia, and the surrounding communities in the Northeast Georgia region since 1936. Get a free, no-obligation consultation on your car accident case or personal injury case. Let us know when you call (770) 536-0101.

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